Top 7 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Video Ads


According to the most recent video marketing research for 2023, a whopping 92% of marketers see the growing importance of video marketing and actively use it into their marketing strategy. This demonstrates the increased understanding of how well video works to draw viewers in and accomplish marketing objectives.

The data shows that people are spending more time than ever before watching videos online. In particular, when a picture is moving, people can digest visuals 60,000 times faster than words, which is why they like it. Customers’ attention is captured by animated material in particular in less than a tenth of a second.

Videos are a fantastic method to raise brand exposure and user engagement. They can also be a very powerful tool for encouraging visitors to take action on your website. thereby assisting in raising your conversion rate. In our Canny Bites case study, you can read more about how we used animation to change a client’s brand. video marketing analysis

1. Your brand makes a lasting and memorable impression

by employing more innovative forms of advertising. Businesses and brands benefit from the ability to leave a lasting impression on both existing and potential new customers. Businesses may reveal more about their aims, values, and goals. offering their clients a better idea of who they are as a company as a result. Along with their values and how they may assist clients.

John Lewis is one company that has employed animation in advertising very successfully. Christmas commercials from John Lewis are well-known for their inventive animation. The brand is now connected to Christmas. While quietly promoting their products, the commercials are renowned for their storyline, use of various animation styles, and emotional and nostalgic response they elicit. The brand’s perception has altered as a result of this type of promotion, and most crucially, consumers now remember it. We frequently get asked by customers how their brand might bring in more business when they initially contact us. A fantastic place to start is frequently with creative advertising. Whether it be solely or in conjunction with PR marketing, social media marketing, or digital marketing.

2. It’s easy to understand

It can be very difficult to convey a complex topic or product just through language when you’re dealing with it. The audience may or may not connect and engage with the copy, depending on how it is written and how technical it is. An animated video often performs a better job of bringing a concept to life than copy and flat graphics. Animation is a great way to convey technical and complex idea or message in the form of a short story.

3. Animation boosts conversion rate

When users see video content on a website, they are 100% more likely to spend more time on that website than bouncing off it. What’s more, 64% people are more likely to complete an action, whether that’s fill out a contact form or complete a purchase, once they’ve watched a video.

The user is more likely to view the complete video of an animated explanation of the advantages of your product or service than they are to read the same information on your website. As a result, your message may be delivered engagingly while the user learns more about your company. A fantastic strategy to encourage them to take further action is to include a call to action at the conclusion of the video.

4. It’s entertaining and fun

Similar to how animated children’s films and cartoons use entertaining and inventiveness to capture viewers’ interest, marketing strategies use these similar methods. Customers are more likely to pay attention to animation than standard commercials since it is frequently employed for pleasure rather than as a marketing tool.

Not only is animation a great way to tell a story and connect to your audience – animation is full of endless possibilities, it doesn’t need to be realistic or accurate, it can be fun, imaginative and creative. It’s a great way to show off your brand personality – just take a look at MoneySupermarket’s Epic Action Man advert, not exactly relevant to what they advertise but definitely a fun way to entertain consumers and make them memorable.

5. Content can be easily updated without reshoots

In this digital age, it’s really important to adapt to changes and show you are relevant, especially if you’re in an industry that is always changing, such as technology. It’s important that you update your marketing collateral and messaging to reflect this.

Animated video is a great solution to keeping to your content fresh. If you want to adapt your video content to appeal to a different audience, or change your messaging or visuals, animation is much easier and more cost-effective to edit rather than reshoot the entire video.

To summarise, animation can be a powerful marketing tool, it’s a great way to start connecting with your customers, make them remember you, engage new audiences and drive more conversions.

6. Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing is one of the reasons why marketers should use animated videos. They can easily be cross-purposed across all marketing channels.

7. Ability to capture and retain audience attention effectively

ability to successfully attract and hold the attention of an audience. Videos have a dynamic and engaging character that may catch viewers’ interest and make a lasting impression when compared to other kinds of advertising, such as static photos or text-based material.

How animation videos can help boost your ROI?

Any product can be promoted using an animated video, regardless of how serious or lighthearted the product character is. Animation is a powerful marketing tool that consistently increases the return on your marketing investment:

Helps you stay ahead of the competition:

An animated video helps set you apart from your competitors by establishing your brand as a creative, innovative, and futuristic entity.

Gears up conversion rate:

Not only does animated video engage your users but it also guides and inspires them to move from one customer journey touchpoint to another. It enhances your customer experience as well as helps maximize profits.

Engages with your customers and improves SEO:

We know they are engaging throughout all channels. But do you know that just like you and me, Google adores them too? With an embedded animated video, you can increase traffic to your landing pages. It helps your business rank higher on SERP and attain higher brand visibility and accessibility to your potential customers.

Helps your customers to understand your product:

No matter how important a message you are trying to convey, if you fail to explain it to your potential customers, all your efforts spent on a particular campaign goes in vain. Animation makes your message simplified and understandable using visually relatable content. Animation can explain the purpose and function of your product in a much-simplified way.

Saves your resources:

Animation is a never-ending trend that never ages or goes outdated. You can watch such videos over and again without getting bored. Unlike live-action videos, it doesn’t demand a huge spend on time, actors, and other resources. They are easy to reuse or repurpose without having to shoot again.

Helps bring your ideas to life:

As we know, animated videos are great storytellers. They help you explain any story you visualize. In the most simple, fun, and creative way, animation may have expressive characters and answers to all your customer’s questions on how your product can help or benefit them or how your services can make their life easier.

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